Red Bull Boss Designs $1.7 million Submersible

By Paul Joseph

San Francisco based company Hawkes Ocean Technologies has created a high-tech submersible featuring moveable wings that allow the craft to glide around the water with similar movement capacity to an airplane.

The bespoke sub was designed for Dietrich Mateschitz, owner of the Red Bull drinks company, at an eye-watering cost of $1.7 million.

Designed at Mateschitz’s Laucala resort in Fiji, the craft's innovative wings provide negative lift, allowing it to move in three dimensions like an underwater airplane, according to its creator Graham Hawkes.

With a propeller powered by lithium batteries, the submarine can traverse the water at a rate of 4 knots, allowing passengers to swim along side sharks and whales and reach depths of up to 400 feet.

According to reports, the craft will be available to use by guests at Mateschitz's Laucala resort in Fiji, at a cost of $1,700 for 2 hours.

Hawkes Ocean Technologies is a marine engineering firm that specialises in consumer submarines

By Paul Joseph