Regent Porto Montenegro Look Back on a Stellar First Year

By Paul Joseph

When Regent Porto Montenegro opened its doors in August last year, it was the latest milestone in the emergence of one of the world’s most vibrant superyacht destinations.

Part of the Asia-owned Regent hotel brand with residences across three continents, the hotel is situated in the heart of Porto Montenegro marina village, Montenegro’s biggest yacht hub.

To find out how the first year has gone and the challenges the hotel faced ahead of its opening, we spoke with Michael Posch, General Manager of Regent Porto Montenegro.

It’s now around a year since the hotel opened its doors – has everything gone to plan?
We are proud to say that since the grand opening, the hotel is in the spotlight of international and local attention. In less than a year, Regent Porto Montenegro positioned itself as a leading luxury hotel not only in Montenegro but on the entire Adriatic coast.

The quality of the Regent brand combined with the breathtaking location of Boka Bay and luxury yacht marina Porto Montenegro definitely proved to be a recipe for the successful beginning.

What were some of the biggest challenges in the lead up to the opening?
The big opening hosted around 700 guests and therefore it represented a great responsibility for the management of the hotel to match the expectations and present Regent in the best possible light. With a team of experienced professionals, the opening of Regent Porto Montenegro is remembered as one of the most glamorous events of summer 2014.

The biggest challenges we faced were mostly operational in the phase of event preparation such as importing certain high end items. Having in mind that this event went in a perfect order with no delays and all guests were extremely satisfied, we are ready for all the challenges that might come in future.

What has been the most satisfying part of the whole project for you?
The most satisfying part of the whole project is definitely international recognition. We started literally from scratch because when the management team was formed the hotel was only a construction site. We put so much trust into each other’s expertise, and the people who became part of the initial Regent Porto Montenegro team worked with every atom of their beings to introduce this hotel to the public as it deserves to be introduced – glamorously and luxuriously.

Therefore, receiving international recognition such as the World Luxury Hotel Award nomination, being on the Conde Nast Traveler hotlists in the UK and Russia, the World Luxury Spa Awards nomination, media coverage from all over the world, is significant proof that we are doing the right thing, which makes the entire Regent Porto Montenegro team very proud.

Last but most important are continuous appraisals from the guests and compliments we receive day in and day out.

Where do most of your guests come from and which markets are you hoping to reach in the coming months and years?
Regent Porto Montenegro is home to guests from all over the world because Regent is a global brand, well-known to all discerning travelers. In the upcoming months and years we are expecting more guests from European countries and therefore we are hoping to reach those markets successfully.

Have you had many yacht owners and charterers coming to use the hotel’s facilities or even staying at the hotel?
Since the hotel is located in the heart of Porto Montenegro yacht marina, it is inevitable to stop by at least for a delicious dinner, spa treatment or some sweet delights from our bakery if you are visiting the marina. Therefore, yes, we have many yacht owners and charterers using our facilities and staying at the hotel and enjoying everything that we offer.

What exciting developments are planned for the hotel over the rest of the year and into 2016?
Regent Porto Montenegro is nominated for a World Luxury Hotel award, which is like The Oscars in the world of luxury tourism and hospitality. Hence, through the month of June and July the focus will be on this campaign that includes voting at

In 2016, we will be welcoming a new addition to the family – the Regent Pool Club Residences.

What is your own personal favourite spot in the hotel?
My personal favourite place in the hotel is the Italian Garaden. The reason is very simple - the ambience is simply wonderful. Surrounded by water surfaces, the Italian Garden makes you feel as if you are right next to the sea while at the same time in the middle of wonderful nature, all the while being able to enjoy food and drink from any of the three restaurants in the hotel.

The Italian Garden is also where our Grand Opening party took place, and it will always remind me of that important night when Regent Porto Montenegro became the new star of the Adriatic Coast.

Finally, for those considering visiting Montenegro, what would you say to convince them to stay at Regent Porto Montenegro?
Regent Porto Montenegro offers its guest the unique Regent experience which combines impeccable service, luxurious facilities and attentive staff with the best that the Mediterranean can offer – wonderful landscape, delicious cuisine and excellent climate.

Our tao, or motto – “to serve as if you would like to be served” – summarises the essence of the ‘home away from home’ atmosphere that our hotel provides for its guests. Therefore, it is a perfect place to experience the Mediterranean in the hotel done up to the taste of western travelers where one may feel as comfortable as at one’s own home.

To mark the hotel’s first full summer of operation, Regent Porto Montenegro is offering guests a four night stay for the price of three nights. The promotion is valid from 1st June 2015 to 30th September 2015.

By Paul Joseph