Revolutionizing Luxury Private Estates with Hill Robinson

By Christina Tsangaris

Exceeding clients' expectations on quality service with superyacht crew is the daily norm for Hill Robinson. To quote a client ''wouldn't it be good if the Hill Robinson service I expect on my yacht was available when I am ashore''. Step up the team at Hill Robinson with the perfect solution, HREliteRecruit, in a nutshell, the whole selection and staff delivery process available from one professional resource.

Hill Robinson is the global yacht solutions company with 12 offices worldwide in all time zones and over 150 talented and motivated staff offering a wide support for superyacht owners from yacht management, refits and repairs, new-builds, crew, financial, aviation and yacht sales, brokerage and charter. However, there new crew recruitment offers an enhanced element to their expanding portfolio.

The new crew recruitment offering is part of a structured development process across all the various client support services from Hill Robinson, aimed at delivering the optimum service to clients who are expecting that little bit more and is a fitting demonstration of thinking outside the box.

Building on a strong foundation and experience in Yacht Management, pushing the boundaries with innovation and fresh thinking, riding the curve in developing new ideas whenever the client asks for some creative thinking, this new land-based crew service is a refreshing product in the Hill Robinson portfolio.

As our clients' expectations expand, it is the commitment of the team at HREliteRecruit to engage the most outstanding and talented candidates to work across many service disciplines in management and all the other essentials in food and beverage, kitchen, technical, spa and fitness, and anything from housekeeping to aviation and yachting.

To deliver our promise to our clients with this exemplary service to help you with staffing your private estates or planes, we will be recruiting only the best of the best.

By Christina Tsangaris