Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Gets Eye-Catching Marina Revamp

By Paul Joseph

Surrounded by the crystalline waters of the Arabian Gulf, the island nation of Bahrain has in recent years been rapidly growing in popularity as a stop-off point for yachting visitors to the region.

And now those tempted to come here have another enticing reason to do so after one of the country’s most luxurious hotels, The Ritz-Carlton, underwent a substantial refurbishment of its 55-berth marina.

Surrounded by lush, green gardens, the marina has been revamped to accommodate yachts of up to 24 metres, catering for guests and members of the adjacent hotel. A 10-minute drive from the financial centre of Bahrain, it has excellent road access from anywhere on the island.

Located on an exclusive beachfront in the capital city of Manama, the Ritz-Carlton is home to capacious, secluded private villas and is billed as a perfect destination for families or large groups looking to experience the authentic delights of Bahrain, whilst remaining enveloped within ultimate comfort.

Distinct in culture, the country is awash with tradition and natural beauty and is a fantastic destination for yacht owners to explore, boasting striking desert dunes, clear turquoise waters, and traditional souks rich in colour and ancient heritage. 

Bahrain has recently experienced a major boom in tourism and this trend is expected to continue with 15 hotels set to open over the next half-a-decade.

Ritz-Carlton currently operates 91 luxury hotels and resorts in 33 countries and territories around the world.

By Paul Joseph