RM Auctions Hershey Sale to Feature A Century of Automotive History

By Paul Joseph

RM Auctions will reaffirm its reputation as the specialist for private collections next month when it lifts the gavel on two prominent North American collections at its annual Hershey, Pennsylvania sale.

Celebrating the passions and collecting philosophies of John Moir Jr. and Jeffrey Day, the two collections lead an impressive roster of more than 160 automobiles, two boats and select memorabilia slated for the RM Hershey podium.

“RM’s presentation of private collections is second to none, both as standalone, single-vendor sales and as feature attractions at our annual catalogue events. We’re honored to offer the Cars of John Moir and the Jeffrey Day Collection without reserve at our upcoming Hershey sale,” says Gord Duff, Car Specialist, RM Auctions.

“Each group represents decades of careful acquisition and we’re delighted to have the privilege to present such prized possessions. There is no better place to offer the John Moir and Jeffrey Day Collections than Hershey, a destination that is well-known and supported by both collectors.”

The Cars of John Moir comprise a series of 37 vehicles, offered entirely without reserve, headlined by the A-to-Z Collection, a unique concept representing not only each letter of the alphabet, but also a century of automotive design from 1900 to 1999.

From a 1912 Auto-Carriers Delivery Box Van (Est. $30,000 - $50,000) to a 1910 Zebra Type A Runabout (Est. $20,000 - $30,000), the collection encompasses such hard-to-find letters as Y (Yellow Cab), X (Xanthos), and Q (Queen). Each vehicle was carefully chosen for its historical and technical novelty, and many are well-preserved originals.

Another highlight of the group, a beautifully restored 1930 Cadillac V-16 Roadster, has been in the Moir family carriage house since 1933 (Est. $450,000 - $650,000).

“John Moir’s journey is unique among the collectors I’ve known. A towering figure in the AACA world and beyond, he is a modest New Englander at heart, brought up to respect family history and fine machinery,” says Don Rose, Car Specialist, RM Auctions.

“Filling out the alphabet (the A-to-Z Collection) was not merely a conceptual exercise. Although it highlights a connoisseur’s taste for the unusual, each has a story, as well as engineering that resonated with John. We are honored to be working with him as he prepares to offer one of his life’s great passions to the world.”

In addition to the Moir Collection, RM’s upcoming Hershey sale will present a selection of 50 vehicles from the respected Jeffrey Day Collection. Largely amassed over 15 years, the Day Collection is comprised of ‘best of category’ examples from the Ford Motor Company and features some of the finest restored examples in existence.

The two collections will appear as headliners at RM’s Hershey Lodge sale on October 9 – 10.

By Paul Joseph