RoboVault: A Private Storage Facility for Ultra-Luxury Possessions

By Paul Joseph

For every superyacht owner, leaving your vessel in the hands of others – be it for sale, refit or maintenance – is an unwelcome but essential requirement.

But while its temporary custodians are likely to know everything about how to safely and securely store a yacht, they may be less well versed on the highly valuable contents that owners often choose to keep on-board at all times.

Step forward RoboVault, a high-tech, ultra-secure private storage facility located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Spread over 155,000 square foot, the $22 million facility combines cutting edge robotic technology with state-of-the-art security systems and is used by some of the country's wealthiest people to store cherished items including exotic cars, rare art, antiques, and vintage wine.

While furniture and appliances can be nailed down or stored beneath a yacht’s deck, this type of storage only insulates against certain risks. RoboVault, however, offers an all-embracing level of security and protection, including temperature control and humidity for fine wines and wind resistance up to a Category 5 Hurricane.

Meanwhile the facility’s robotic retrieval system, permanent backup generator and monitoring systems, all within an airtight building free of dust and debris, add further to an owner’s peace of mind. Customers must input codes and scan their fingerprints in order to access their belongings.

“Yachts should have a plan for dealing with high value items before arriving in the yard” says Bruce Tang, Director of Fine Art and Antique Services at Robovault. “The best way to avoid the possibilities of loss or damage is to have the valuable items moved ashore, but when it comes to ashore storage, just keeping the rain off isn’t enough.”

“Although yacht owners are likely to be doing everything they can to prevent loss and damage, providing good security and excellent storage is really the best way to avoid the possibility of any kind of threat to their yacht or their valuables.”

RoboVault was founded by in 2008 and is owned by BBX Capital.

By Paul Joseph