Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Gets a Giant Swarovski-Studded Star

By Paul Joseph

In recent years a notable festive trend has been the construction of lavishly adorned Christmas Trees in prestigious locations to mark the holiday season.

The latest to join this fad are Swarovski, who have created a Swarovski-studded star that sits atop a giant Christmas Tree in the distinguished environs of the Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, New York.

Created by noted designer Daniel Libeskind, the crystal-emblazoned tree is nine feet tall, weighs some 900 pounds and comes with 3 million double-cone crystals placed on 70 spikes that emerge from its centre.

Each protruding edge is created using 6mm ESG glass with crystals affixed to the inside face and features LED lighting components developed in-house by Swarovski.

The centre of the tree is manufactured using 70 custom-machined aluminium components, plus 140 LED lighting spots. The star took two years to complete and was assembled on-site at the Rockefeller Center.

Speaking about the creation, Libeskind said, “It’s a sculpture, a three-dimensional panoramic star that is exploding into dynamic light,”

“The technology, the form, the complexity, the crystals in the millions—it was really a challenge and a beautiful adventure.”

The star can be witnessed in its full glory when it is officially turned on on 28 November, at which point it will emit 106,400 lumens of white light.

By Paul Joseph