Roger Dubuis to Offer Women’s Jewellery Range

By Paul Joseph

World-renowned Swiss watch brand Roger Dubuis is to extend its range of lavish women’s timepieces to include jewellery.

The company’s signature ladies’ collection, Velvet, will be augmented by a vast range of new women’s trinkets, as Roger Dubuis bids to expand its presence in the lucrative jewellery market.

Jean-Marc Pontroué, CEO of Roger Dubuis, said: “We would like to see the ladies’ watches grow to 30% of sales by 2016. For Roger Dubuis, that is an expensive ambition, aimed at a very exclusive market.

“We are an Haute Horlogerie brand. We want to keep Roger Dubuis 100% mechanical. We have never made a cheap quartz watch. There are no non-diamond watches in the line, and we are all Geneva Seal.”

Roger Dubuis was founded in 1995 through a partnership between master watchmaker Roger Dubuis and designer Carlos Dias.

By Paul Joseph