RolleyHarbour: The High-Tech Solution to Your Transportation Needs

By Paul Joseph

Whether you’re a family of four on a package holiday or a high-net-worth tycoon jet-setting across the world, transporting luggage is the great leveller.

Even if you have the means to make your cargo someone else’s problem, the logistics of shifting it from one place to another remains a real incumbency for whoever has to deal with it– until now.

Billed as the answer to all of your land based transportation needs, the RolleyHarbour features a patented mechanism that enables you to load up your luggage and enjoy an effortless walk or ride – and soon this experience could be available to superyacht owners and charterers, too.

This is because after the best part of a decade during which its British creators have been refining their technology on the golf course, they are now set to branch out into the yachting world.

Whether used as a power assisted trolley or as a ride on vehicle, it is ideal for transporting cargo from boat to car. Even better, the RolleyHarbour folds neatly into its custom-made docking station which means you need never be without it.

It then transforms at the pull of a lever into a four-wheeled electric personal vehicle with a top speed of 18mph and a battery life of 8 hours; in other words, as effortless as it is convenient.

Docking station options are fully bespoke meaning its designers will seamlessly integrate the RolleyHarbour into a yacht’s interior design.

Furthermore, each RolleyHarbour can be custom made to fit your preferences and taste, from the quality of leather used in the grips to the desired material of the frame.

The RolleyHarbour has a starting price of £5,950.

By Paul Joseph