Romain Jerome Launches Art-DNA Watches

By Paul Joseph

Swiss luxury watch brand Romain Jerome has released its first ever contemporary art timepieces as part of a collaboration with renowned Swiss artist John M Armleder.

Made of polished steel and available in several colours, the Art-DNA watches feature distinctive skull motifs on their polished and hammered dials – a symbol that appears in mural paintings by Armleder and is said to be inspired by Amerindian culture.

The back of each watch is numbered and bears an engraved medallion with the artist’s signature, whilst other notable features include a 46mm case, a total of 23 jewels, and a power reserve of 42 hours

Speaking about the new watches, Armleder said: ″The skull evokes a memento mori and an allegory of the passing of time, which is an appropriate subject for a timepiece and which interests both art and watch collectors.2

Adding a morbid curiosity to his creations, he continued: “All these watches that give the impression of looking alike are ideally suited to death, which is basically the same for everyone, but which takes place differently each time.”

Jerome Manuel Emch, CEO of Romain Jerome, is a keen collector of contemporary art, and has previously expressed a desire to combine watchmaking with his passion for art.

The Art-DNA watches come in a limited run of 10 pieces, each priced at €17,500 (£14,200).

By Paul Joseph