Ronnie Wood Bespoke Art Clock Collaboration Targets Yacht Owners

By Paul Joseph

Legendary artist and musician Ronnie Wood attended the Salon QP watch exhibition in London last week to help showcase his new clock designs, created in collaboration with Bremont Watch Company and targeted at yacht owners.

The Rolling Stones guitarist and bassist has created 14 unique “Art Clocks”, with both the dial and internal case of each clock hand-painted with depictions of a different period of his life.

Inspired by John Harrison, the inventor of the marine chronometer, the B1 Marine Clock was made in England and includes several features not normally found in clocks, including three time zones, 30 day power reserve, date, 90 day chronograph and a fully waterproof case.

Talking about his unique designs, Wood said: “I am so happy to be involved with Bremont on this exciting adventure. I have always loved my timepieces and now I have the opportunity to thoroughly indulge myself with Bremont.”

Wood added that the artwork on the clocks feature several of the themes that have influenced him throughout his life, including his water heritage, music and horses.

Giles English, co-founder of British watch brand Bremont, said: “This is a unique collaboration where we have brought Artesian clock-making and fine-art together to make a truly beautiful object.

“It is a huge privilege to be working with Ronnie, and he has brought a completely new prospective to our thinking about the clock, but also the ability to make each truly unique.”

Due to the complicated design, Bremont says that it will only be able to make 10-15 of the clocks per year.

Bremont was co-founded by brothers Nick and Giles English in 2003.

By Paul Joseph