Rossin Creates High-Tech iPad Chair

By Paul Joseph

Italian upholstery manufacturer Rossin has launched a fully integrated chair that comes with a built in socket for smart phones and iPads.

Ergonomically designed, the P@d ichair also features a folding swivel tray that can be used to place all kinds of gadgets including a mobile phone, mouse, laptop, drinks, pens and books.

German designer Martin Ballendat created the chair to allow its users to relax, communicate and work at the same time, it can also transform into a traditional upholstered chair when you are not working.

The frame of the chair has been fabricated in plywood and finest quality solid wood, whilst aluminum and matt-chrone plated steel have also been utilised. The table top is built with toughened acid-etched glass.

Rossin was founded by Nerino Rossin in Italy in 1964

By Paul Joseph