Roy Lichtenstein's "Ohhh... Alright..." Up For Auction

By B. Roberts

The painting created by Roy Lichtenstein in 1964 titled ‘Ohhh… Alright…” has been listed for sale at Christie’s Auction House in London and is expected to reach an astonishing £25 million.

Roy Lichtenstein was a pioneer in cutting-edge Pop Art, producing highly sought after paintings such as the 1964 piece “Ohhh… Alright…”, “Whaam!” and “Happy Tears” which went for around $35 million two years ago. “Ohhh… Alright…” is centred on a woman in distress, much like most of Lichtenstein’s highly acclaimed work.

Never auctioned before, “Ohhh… Alright…” is an iconic depiction of the 1960s, a testament to the wave of pop-culture that struck the world during the era. Lichtenstein’s work covers a wide portfolio of colourful and thoughtful comic-strip images which have been auctioned around the world to numerous owners of discerning tastes.

Casino-resort developer Steve Wynn is the contributor to the auction after buying it from a New York gallery a few years ago.

By B. Roberts