Ryno Microcycle the Next Innovation in Urban Transport

By Paul Joseph

US-based company RYNO Motors has created an innovative new mode of transport dubbed the Microcycle.

Created by product engineer Chris Hoffmann following five years’ development, the Microcycle is a variation on the traditional motorcycle, featuring only one wheel.

Its zero-pollutant electric motor is controlled by drivers subtly leaning forward to accelerate and back to slow down. According to its creators, the vehicle “uses advanced motion-sensor technology to detect even subtle input from its rider, and reacts accordingly.”

Weighing in at 125 pounds, it has a range of 10 miles and a top speed of 10mph, making it ideal for navigating the urban landscape, whether on the road, sidewalk or even the office.

A large tyre contains the vehicle’s entire power plant within the hub of the wheel to maintain the balance.

Prices for the RYNO Microcycle start at $5,295, including two RYNO SLA batteries, RYNO charger, powerful LED headlights, and a RYNO display stand.

By Paul Joseph