S. T. Dupont Launch Tiger Eye Eagle Fountain Pen

By Paul Joseph

Historic Paris-based luxury accessories company S T Dupont have created a luxury diamond-studded fountain pen and accompanying stand inspired by two of nature’s most majestic creatures.

Part of the brand’s Haute Creation collection, the Tiger Eye Eagle Fountain Pen has been designed in collaboration with master stone carver Luis Alberto, and features a well-crafted tiger eye with gold-plated bronze details, along with a carved eagle on the lid.

Drawing inspiration from the large bird, the pen is billed as denoting great strength, leadership, and vision with its design and comes with 1.5mm diamonds embedded in place of the Eagle’s eyes.

The instrument is also perched atop a tiger eye base with the signature engraved logo, making it a complete set on its own.

The pen and stand set is priced at around $2,038 and is currently available for sale online as well as in select stores worldwide.

Founded by Simon Tissot-Dupont, in Paris in 1847, S.T. Dupont manufacturer a whole range of high-end products and accessories including lighters, collectible pens, handbags and perfumes.

By Paul Joseph