Sabrina Monte-Carlo On Yacht Furniture Fashions

By Paul Joseph

Sabrina Monte-Carlo has carved out a strong reputation in the yachting world for its eye-catching furniture and design pieces that are favoured by yacht owners around the world.

We sat down with Sabrina Monteleone, founder of the Monaco based company, to hear more about their role at the Monaco Yacht Show, how they integrate with the yacht industry, and more.

“We work a lot with architects, with designers, shipyards also, who come to contact us because what we’re do everything non-fixed on a yacht,”she said. “So the architect or decorator do all the panelling and everything and they give us a proposal for all the furniture indoor and outdoor also.”

The company has been a regular participant at the Monaco Yacht Show for several years, but in recent times its presence has grown dramatically.

“Before it was a normal stand,” she said, “and since three or four years they decided to make it an upper deck lounge. What is nice is that we have our stand with all the furniture and also the table ware that we do.”

You can watch the full video interview with Sabrina Monteleone above this article.

By Paul Joseph