Sand & Birch Launch Climate Controlled Wine Cellar

By P. Joseph

Italian design studio Sand & Birch have created a new wine cellar complete with its own climate controller.

The Regency Climatized Wine Cellar is the latest addition to the designers’ Luxe series of wine storage spaces following the launches of the Wine Bag and the elegant Opale wine cellar.

Capable of holding up to 80 bottles of wine, the cellar is available in two versions – with single and double temperature control – with both featuring an air-conditioner that sets the temperature accordingly to preserve the wine.

The single temperature control cellar is priced at €5,370 and the double at €5,860.

Made of high quality materials including planked oak, maple and fine stainless steel, the cellar is billed as being durable and ideal for wine preservation.

The cellar also features a lighting system based on LED lights that ensures low energy consumption.

Sand & Birch Design Studio was founded in 2003 by Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidar.

By P. Joseph