Sarah Meucci on 100 Years of Italian Hat Making

By Paul Joseph

Italian fashion designer Sarah Meucci arrived at the 2015 China Rendez-Vous with high hopes of attracting Chinese consumers to her distinctive creations.

Speaking to her during the show, it was clear that those hopes had been more than met by the reception she had received from visitors.

“We are a family of Italian people – so a lot of people – and our family has been doing hats for more than 100 years,” she told us. “Our collection changes for each country. This time, for China, of course we are in Sanya which is a resort place, so actually wanted to bring our straw and our skills.

“We use actually all the straws in the world and we put our skills at the service of the straws.

“The difference between the general hats that you see and our hats is that we think about what our client needs. We feel in luxury, style and people that live this kind of life need something very beautiful but also smart.

“For our first time in China I have to say I’m very happy about it because the feedback was very impressive. All kinds of people tried a hat, they all wanted to touch it and feel it, they were very responsive to us and I’m very happy about that.

You can watch the full video interview with Sarah Meucci above this article.

By Paul Joseph