SEA-DOO Watercraft takes the Water World by Storm

By Paul Joseph

Bombardier Recreational Products, a world leader in the design of recreational powersports vehicles, has added a new and innovative model to its SEA-DOO watercraft lineup.

The exciting introduction of a Rotax Advanced Combustion Efficiency power plant offers thrill-seekers a memorable, adrenaline-fueled water experience.

As the forefront of innovation, the 2017 SEA-DOO line introduces a new way to experience life on the water, at an unbeatable price-point offering ultimate performance and new cutting-edge features. With a leverage light and nimble handling of the SPARK model, the new line offers unique features advanced in power and revolutionary control.

The 2017 SPARK TRIXX model comes equipped with numerous innovations including handlebar with adjustable riser, step wedges and extended-range Variable Trim System, all of which help riders perform tricks like a pro on ocean waters.

The 2017 model will be the lightest, most fuel-efficient model yet, offering the greatest value of any full-size watercraft on the market. Each features a compact and efficient engine and lightweight material, which has proven to contribute to the performance and durability throughout the past three years to the industry’s best-selling model, the SEA-DOO SPARK watercraft.

Thanks to its revolutionary design, the 1500 HO ACE offers more mid-range performance, produces 15 more horsepower than the previous generation and is optimised for regular fuel instead of premium gas.

The SEA-DOO GTR-X 230 watercraft includes the exclusive Ergolock system, which allows riders to connect better to the machine during riding. With the widest selection of models in the industry, BRP offers the right SEA-DOO watercraft model to fit any watersports enthusiast’s desires, at a price that makes it possible for more to live the SEA-DOO life and experience an enthralling water adventure like no other.

Anne Bélec, SVP global brand, communications and PAC at BRP said, “The SEA-DOO watercraft line has never been stronger. By offering new models that continue to focus on rider needs such as affordability and efficiency, and of course fun, more people can find the right model for them and make the dream of owning a SEA-DOO watercraft a reality.”

By Paul Joseph