SEABOB: The Ultimate Water Scooter

By S. Liu

The enduring human fascination with the ocean is given a new dimension by a sea scooter that propels you through the water with the ease of a fish.

Made by Cayago, German producers of luxury sea toys, the SEABOB offers surface or underwater exploration at up to 7 horse power.

Capable of reaching depths of up to 40 metres, the device has become a huge hit among coastal resort hire companies and Superyacht owners – giving pilots the unique experience of observing a tropical location from a dolphin’s eye view.

The aquatic scooter can be controlled via 10 gears, allowing the operator to set the speed to suit their requirements. A pilot belt system ensures that the impressive thrust is combined with comfort and agility.

It has won several design awards for its elegant exterior and hydrodynamic surface technology.

The SEABOB is available in Titanium, Silver, Star White, Pacific Blue, Cion Yellow and Magma Orange.

By S. Liu