Selfridges Opens Augmented-Reality Concept Store

By Paul Joseph

Prestigious London department store Selfridges has opened a temporary concept store that allows visitors to peruse a range of lavish products – including a 90-metre superyacht – via augmented reality.

A walkaround digital model of the stunning £500 million superyacht “Jazz”, designed by Blohm + Voss in partnership with architect Zaha Hadid, is the centrepiece of the futuristic store, which has been created as part of the Festival of Imagination.

Curated by London 3D technology company, Inition and Dezeen, ‘The Imagination Shop’ is billed as creating an immersive retail experience, allowing users to virtually explore a vast array of products, including cars, watches, houses and yachts.

“Super yachts are not something that you can carry in your briefcase and take to meetings, events or client presentations,” said Patrick Coote, sales and marketing director of Blohm + Voss Shipyards GmbH.

“Even models can be cumbersome and awkward to transport. Augmented reality allows us to give potential clients a 3D view, wherever they happen to be, in an office, exhibition, meeting or boat show.

As AR improves and progresses, we are always looking at how we can further harness it to improve the service for our clients.”

The shop is also hosting a pop-up outlet by Dezeen Watch Store where visitors can try on a variety of watches by simply wrapping a paper “marker” around their wrist and looking at a screen.

The Imagine Shop is open until March 2nd.

By Paul Joseph