Senturion Key-Bracelets Unlock a World of Luxury

By Paul Joseph

What do you wear on your wrist and is worth tens of thousands of pounds? You’re probably thinking the answer is jewellery-based, but you’d be wrong – or at least partly wrong.

Senturion design luxury wrist-wear that doubles up as keys for any number of opulent items in your life, but are most commonly used as an alternative locking device for your supercar.

Embedded with RFID technology, the wearer is able to use the innocuous looking bracelet as a wireless entry system capable of syncing with the locks on a home, a vault or a car. A number of luxury automakers including Ferrari, Audi, Jaguar, McLaren and Lexus have all partnered with Senturion to make the service available with their models.

One of Senturion’s most lavish creations is the £60,000 Meteorite, whose name comes from the fact that each of the pieces produced features a Widmanstätten etch pattern lifted from iron meteorite deposits. The rarity of the material requires the finest level of craftsmanship to machine the meteorite.

An easy-secure fitted clasp is billed as achieving a higher level of security than any other standard wristwatch while remaining totally unobtrusive to water Meanwhile its two-stage locking mechanism reduces fastening time and provides additional security.

Furthermore, encrypted Secure Keyless access antenna isolators ensure all data is safely stored, while the Polyurethane Deployment Strap is highly-resilient and the strategic, powerful micro magnets fitted to the Senturion increase ease of use.

The latest version of the Senturion Meteorite will make its debut at the 4th Amex World Luxury Expo in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, next month.

By Paul Joseph