Serengeti Eyewear: American Spirit and Craftsmanship

By Christina Tsangaris

Born in the U.S.A and worn around the world, Serengeti is the unique brand able to combine the most advanced eyewear technologies, inherited from more than 140 years of R&D, the Americana culture and the finest sense of aesthetics, design and creativity. 2021 marks a real turn for the brand with the launch of its Main Line Collection that showcases more than ever the ingrained American Spirit and craftmanship of the brand, illustrated by the strong tagline “A True American Icon”.

Serengeti’s Main Line Collection is directed at those seeking to express their uniqueness, authenticity and style walking the urban streets. The collection distinguishes itself with a remarkable range of contemporary designs that delivers the unmatched performance of Serengeti’s unique lens technology.

“Sunglasses have become true fashion accessories, both trendy and timeless,” explains Arnaud Falce, Serengeti Creative Director. “Just like Coco Chanel would say, “Fashion changes, style endures”.

"You could say that it is with this guideline that we, the new Serengeti team, have created this Main Line Collection. From the attention to detail of new hinges to the choice of materials and the way of working them, to the pure and elegant lines, Serengeti frames are here to offer you the best experience. Known from the beginning for the unique quality of our lenses, linked to the combination of our Spectral Control®, polarized and photochromic technologies, our frames are much more sophisticated in the choice of material combinations and in the work of details, in terms of style and design."

"To perfectly fit the contours of the face is as important to us as protecting the wearer’s eyes, and for that matter Serengeti sunglasses are the only sunglasses to offer this uncompromising experience. This collection is aimed at those who like to assert their personality and style in a contemporary, singular way with optimal visual and optimal optical quality.”

The brand’s Main Line Collection comprises of 3 capsule collections including the Creator Collection and Driving Heritage Collection, each with its own personality and style.

By Christina Tsangaris