Shanghai Luxury Resort Hotel Targets Domestic Guests

By Paul Joseph

For a long time China has struggled to build its own reputable hotel groups, with most natives choosing well-established international brands instead.

But now a China-owned hospitality group is hoping to transform this trend by opening a new luxury hotel in the city of Shanghai.

Called WH Ming Hotel Shanghai, the hotel is billed as China’s first “Yi Po Erh Shih” urban resort hotel, a phrase meaning “One night with Two Meals” in Chinese, a popular Asian holiday concept during the 1990s.

Overlook Shanghai’s Huangxing Park, the hotel will feature 188 rooms, a 1,200 square-meter Grand Ballroom, a ‘Chapel’ ballroom set up to host Chinese wedding banquets, and a 5,000-square-meter spa.

Another distinctive feature of the hotel will be MIA Space, a state-of-the-art cultural space where guests will be able to view life-like 3D images of Shanghai from the past, present and future.

WH Ming Hotel Shanghai is expected to open by the end of 2012.

By Paul Joseph