Shiela McCann on Thailand’s Number One Spa Resort

By Paul Joseph

Situated within easy reach of some of Thailand’s most incredible temples, golf courses and wildlife spotting opportunities, the temptation for guests at the Chiva-Som health resort to venture out and explore is strong.

But not strong enough for many, according to Shiela McCann, General Manager of Chiva-Som who claims that the vast majority of guests do not leave the resort for the entire duration of their stay.

The reason becomes apparent once Ms McCann begins to paint a picture of a truly world class destination resort, as she did with great enthusiasm when we sat down to talk with her at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show.

“Chiva-Som is an international health resort which started approximately 10 years ago with a vision to provide a resort setting with a really wellness and health focused experience for guests,” she said.

“The resort is only 58 rooms, it offers no more than 100 guests, so a nice boutique feel. It’s a seafront location on the Gulf of Siam – the gentle coast as far as Thailand is concerned. We have a lovely environment with a tropical but manicured garden, almost an English style classical garden and in there is set some very classical Thai architecture.

“The service offer includes spa, wellness, fitness, physiotherapy, we also have holistic wellness, aesthetic beauty and the full complement.

“We are about 2.5 hours from Bankok by car, there’s also a private airport right near the facility, we can help arrange for immigration clearance right in Hua Hin [the town where the spa is locate].

“Probably about 2 hours from the Myanmar border, there’s a lovely mountain ridge down there. There are apparently wild tigers not too far away, there are certainly wild elephants – I’ve seen them myself – and within the vicinity there are 17 golf courses as well. So we have at our finger tips wilderness, sea, the opportunity to go on adventure as well as the spa experience, the temples, many things."

You can watch the full video interview with Shiela McCann above this article.

By Paul Joseph