Showering with the Fishes by Cesana

By P. Joseph

With bathrooms increasingly used for relaxation as well as practicality, luxury bathroom brand Cesana have created a unique shower enclosure that can be fitted with an aquarium.

Designed by Giulio Gianturco and Mario Tessarollo, the Plano Acquario is made to allow an illuminated aquarium to be embedded in the shower wall. It is also possible to adapt the wall according to personal taste, inserting an indoor greenhouse, bookshelf or television in place of an aquarium.

Featuring translucent-glass walls that let light permeate the enclosure, whichever personalised addition that is chosen can be enjoyed from both inside the shower and out.

Cesana says that the custom fitting can also serve the purpose of a room divider – by separating the shower area from the rest of the room.

Based in Milan, Italy, Cesana have been designing luxurious bathroom fittings and accessories for more than thirty years.

By P. Joseph