Silverlining Exhibits New Furniture Collection in London

By P. Joseph

British bespoke furniture maker Silverlining is launching its first limited edition collection, billed as embodying the company’s principles for 21st century craftsmanship.

The new collection, called ‘Future Perfect’, is being showcased at an exhibition in London this week to coincide with the Frieze Art Fair. It comprises six pieces produced in editions of eight, priced from £36,000 to £96,000.

Amongst the Future Perfect collection are two cabinets, a dining table, a breakfast table a chaise and a desk.

Discussing the new collection, and how it represents Silverlining’s attitude to contemporary design, company founder Mark Boddington said: “We are dedicated to redefining what 21st century craftsmanship is, and to using the best materials and technology available in a way that pushes the boundaries of furniture making.

“As well as technological advancement, we are considering the impact of social change. We are producing luxury finishes that don’t use extravagant processes for example turning ordinary softwoods into incredible materials through craftsmanship.

He continued: “We’re looking at many different things, such as how light effects the furniture: during the day it looks one tone and during the evening it changes to another tone.

"We are making a new carbon fibre type of material from flax… Through this project we want to show people how far you can push things.”

The collection is currently on show at Gallery 8, located at 8 Duke Street, St James's, until October 15th.

Founded in 1985, Silverlining has been creating bespoke furniture for superyachts, embassies, museums and private residences worldwide.

By P. Joseph