Solar Powered Sunlounger Recharges Your Batteries

By P. Joseph

A Boston-based architecture firm have created a unique piece of outdoor furniture that doubles as an eco-friendly energy charging station for electronic devices.

Designed by Professor Sheila Kennedy and her team at Kennedy and Violich Architecture, the MIT SOFT Rocker enables you to relax whilst making use of the energy charging system, which is built into the furniture.

The charging system can be used to charge or run any USB device, from speakers to cell phones, as well as providing lighting loops at night for added atmosphere (as seen above).

The SOFT Rocker creates an interactive 1.5 axis 35-watt solar tracking system. The low power electronics used charge the 12 amp-hour battery and store solar energy generated during the day.

Made with standard softwood panels, the piece’s leaf-like loop form has been designed to accommodate the latitude and sun angle wherever it is placed.

By P. Joseph