Spa and Wellness Getaways in Europe: 5 of the Best for 2020

By Paul Joseph

As the harsh winter months come to a close, the temptation to indulge in some indulgent recuperation gets ever stronger.

For those looking to experience a revitalising touch of pampering, then a spa and wellness getaway is the ultimate antidote to any lingering winter blues.

Step forward Holidu, the search engine for holiday rentals who have compiled a list of six of the best spa and wellness destinations in Europe for 2020. Here they are:

Aqua Dome - Längenfeld, Austria

Fancy some skiing followed by a trip to the sauna? In Austria, many hotels and holiday rentals offer this service for visitors. And one of the best sauna experiences can be found at the Aqua Dome, where an area of over 2,000 square metres awaits you in Längenfeld, Tyrol. Here you can experience several spectacular saunas and on Friday evenings you can even swim in the thermal pools under the moonlight.

St Michaels Resort - Falmouth, UK

There are an abundance of luxurious spas in the UK and among the very best can be found at the St Michaels Resort in Falmouth in Cornwall, which offers a world-class hydrothermal spa equipped with a Finnish-style sauna, Cornish sea salt steam room and a hydrotherapy swimming pool. With a panoramic view overlooking the coast, the outdoor barrel sauna and hot tub make for the perfect viewing spot to watch the sun go down.

Löyly - Helsinki, Finland

The Finnish are considered to be the inventors of the sauna, and there’s even one perched up in their Parliament House in Helsinki. With saunas considered an integral part of Finnish culture, this is the dream destination for sauna fans. Löyly (meaning steam in Finnish) is located on the Helsinki coast and boasts a beautiful setting complete with saunas, a restaurant, solarium, bar and terrace, where you can also enjoy live music.

Sanduny Bath House - Moscow, Russia

In Russia the traditional sauna is known as banya, and reaches up to 100 degrees. It's also common practice for hats to be worn and it’s strongly recommended that you lie down so that both your head and feet are at the same temperature. The Sanduny Bath House is the oldest sauna in Russia, featuring magnificent architecture and fairytale decoration, and is a dream destination for sauna lovers.

Vabali - Berlin, Germany

Germans and saunas go together like fish and chops, which is reflected in the huge amount of public saunas to be found across the nation, many of which are located next to swimming pools or gyms. Naturally, in true German style, everything is well organised and visitors are advised to stay inside a sauna for at least 15 minutes to really reap the benefits. To escape the hustle and bustle of Berlin, take a sauna session at Vabali, situated close to the central station, but set away from the main hubbub. Here you’ll find a range of different saunas, from a Russian banya to a panoramic sauna offering unbeatable garden views.

By Paul Joseph