Space Hotel Slated to Open in 2025

By Paul Joseph

As consumer space travel edges nearer, several space hotel projects have been announced, with the latest from The Gateway Foundation.

Slated to open in 2025, the space hotel will also double as a commercial space station and has been designed to be shaped like a giant wheel that spans a 623-foot diameter and slowly rotates to generate a gravitational force.

Named after controversial rocket scientist Wernher von Braun, the hotel has been conceptualised to include 24 individual modules, each of which will function as private residences, government research quarters, hotel rooms and separate quarters for the station’s working crew.

The hotel will also feature a host of amenities such as bars, musical concerts, movie screenings, educational seminars, restaurants, and a gym. There are also plans to accommodate low-gravity basketball, trampolining and rock-climbing facilities for guests.

The Gateway Foundation says the hotel will be able to host 100 guests per week.

Recently it was confirmed that Orion Span's Aurora station – the world’s very first Luxury Space Hotel – would be built over the coming years.

By Paul Joseph