Spectacles x Gucci AR Glasses Debut at Art Basel Miami

By Paul Joseph

American camera company Snap Inc. have teamed up with iconic fashion house Gucci to design a pair of limited edition AR glasses.

Created exclusively for Art Basel Miami, the Spectacles x Gucci glasses sport highly saturated tones that have been hand-painted using an eye-catching colour palette.

The glasses were designed by American film director Harmony Korine, whose short film “Duck Duck” showcases their AR features by following a man in a hot-dog suit as he surfs, skates, and dances his way across Miami.

The glasses frames also honour their designer, with Korine’s name emblazoned on one side and Gucci on the other, while the lenses tout the classic Gucci house monogram.

Korine also shot a short-film completely on Spectacles 3, with the glasses boasting twin HD cameras that can capture photos and videos up to 60 seconds, while the four built-in microphones record audio.

The Spectacles x Gucci glasses were on display at Art Basel Miami at the start of December.

By Paul Joseph