St. Moritz Hotel Launches Private Jet Service for VIP Guests from London

By Paul Joseph

Badrutt’s Palace in St. Moritz, one of Switzerland’s most luxurious hotels, has launched a private jet service for VIP guests travelling from London.

Unveiled to mark a centenary of direct routes from London, the hotel will use its own branded plane which will operate direct flights to St. Moritz from London from February.

Swiss pilot and aviation pioneer Alfred Comte completed the first direct flight from St Moritz St  to London about 100 years ago. He began the landmark flight from the frozen lake opposite Badrutt’s Palace Hotel.

The hotel’s aircraft – a 30-seater Dornier 328 jet – will be carbon-neutral and will take its inaugural flight on 14 February, departing from London’s Biggin Hill Airport to Samedan St. Moritz.

In addition to cabin crew, the 1 hour 45-minute flight will be overseen by dedicated Badrutt’s Palace staff and passengers will be served in-flight meals created by the Palace’s celebrity chef partner, Jason Atherton.

After the inaugural flight on Valentine’s Day, the Badrutt’s Palace aircraft will continue to operate the route from London to Samedan on 15 and 16 February and returns on 22 and 23 February.

By Paul Joseph