Stockinger Bespoke Safes: German Design at its Finest

By Paul Joseph

In 1978, Hans Stockinger founded a company with the grandiose ambition of creating the world’s strongest safes. To this day, in a factory outside Munich, technology, engineering and elegance still combine to create luxury safes that are uncompromisingly secure – and no one has ever been able to open a Stockinger by force.

Bespoke design to fit your lifestyle

In the world of design, there is no greater testament of quality than the label ‘Made in Germany’. Not only are Stockinger safes impeccably made and completely secure, they’re also beautifully designed inside and out, in quintessential German style. There are five basic sizes for private clients and two models for hotel customers. The specifics of the design come down to the customer’s individual needs, meaning that each Stockinger safe is unique.

At a personal consultation, clients tell Stockinger what their safe will hold and in what quantities. They then make sure right space is provided for whatever they hold dear: artworks, luxury watch and jewellery collections or precious documents. Clients also choose the colours and fittings, all the way down to the handles, to match their own style.

Unbeatable craftsmanship

When a personalised brief is submitted, Stockinger’s specialised craftspeople go to work to bring it to life. It’s a team effort, from graphic and industrial designers, to metal workers, to varnishers who add those classic finishing touches.

First-class service

Stockinger develop, design and manufacture each product to individual requirements and will supply and install them wherever needed. They can even connect the safes to home security alarm systems. And whether the client is ordering a series of compact hotel safes or a larger-scale vault room, they can count on a personal and discreet service.

Lavish features

High-precision watch winders, programmable via a phone app, can be included in the safes, along with discreet jewellery drawers to organise valuables. Furthermore, they also come with an integrated battery, giving access even if the external power supply is out, plus a silent alarm that can be triggered by code in case of an emergency

In a nutshell, Stockinger safes protect what you love, providing unbeatable security for your belongings and peace of mind for you – for your home, on board your superyacht or any other place where you need to keep special items safe.

By Paul Joseph