Stockinger Sirius Aquamarine Honours a Boating Icon

By Paul Joseph

The synthesis of form and function is nowhere better demonstrated than in the world of luxury boats, and no company exemplifies this union more than Italian motorboat designers Riva Yacht.

Carlo Riva, the company’s eponymous founder, passed away earlier this year and now another company that has beauty and functionality woven into its DNA has paid tribute to the boating icon in a truly fitting way.

Set to be unveiled for the first time at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show, the Sirius Aquamarine safe by Stockinger Bespoke Safes honours the life and career of Carlo Riva through a number of design details borrowed directly from Riva’s unique brand of boats.

Among them are a boat deck top with 32 layers of high gloss varnish and hand polished with Carnuba wax, and a bespoke handle designed as a clamp that unveils a wooden deck surface upon opening. There’s also a bespoke jewellery drawer insert for watches, jewellery and other valuable items so often cherished by yacht owners and their guests.

In keeping with the ‘Made in Germany‘ label that Stockinger wears as a badge of honour, the fully customised safe boasts impeccable craftmanship and quality in every detail of both the exterior and interior. It also continues the tradition of Stockinger‘s incredible track record when it comes to security: no Stockinger safe has ever been manually opened in nearly four decades of operations.

Other notable design features on the Sirius Aquamarine include multi-colour high gloss varnish complete with turquoise waterline and Mahogany-stripe, and leather handles on all drawers with colours matched to their suede interiors.

The Aquamarine Series is available for the Sirius as well as the Cube and Chimera safes that currently feature in the Stockinger portfolio.

The Sirius Aquamarine will be on display at the Monaco Yacht Show from 27 – 30 September. Visitors should head to the Breaking News Centre where they will be able to view the safe as well as speak to Stockinger representatives.

In the meantime, for more information about the Sirius Aquamarine, or any other Stockinger products, visit Additionally, if you have any personal security consulting needs, you can contact Stockinger’s CEO Matthias Fitzthum at [email protected].

By Paul Joseph