Supersonic Business Travel Within Six Years

By P. Joseph

Aerion Corporation are edging closer to the launch of the world’s first commercial supersonic business jet (SBJ), that it believes will shape business travel for decades to come.

Designed to carry 8-12 passengers at high subsonic and supersonic speeds, the SBJ is said to have attracted around 50 deposits for the $80 million aircraft.

Last year the Nevada-based aerospace firm completed its latest round of flight tests in collaboration with NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center. These tests achieved a top speed of Mach 2.0, marking the latest milestone in preliminary engineering activities for the jet.

Once fully developed, the SBJ will allow non-stop travel from Europe to North America and back within one business day.

Aerion Vice Chairman, Brian Barents, said: “We thank our investors and preliminary customers for their continued support, as well as NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate for their unique testing expertise and facilities.

"Aerion remains convinced of the need not just to fly farther and in greater comfort, but much quicker as well.”

The company hopes that aircraft deliveries will begin in five to six years.

By P. Joseph