Superyacht Toy Focus: Snorkelling for Grown Ups

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

The superyacht lifestyle has always come with a degree of exploration provided by highly-technological superyacht toys. Whether it’s on dry land or out at sea, there’s always something to do to make a day’s cruising all the more exciting.

The super-toy sphere is growing with thrilling vengeance, building some of the most innovative creations for over-board pleasure. In this week's superyacht toy insight, we take a look at some of the must have toys to enhance your snorkelling experience, anywhere in the world.

First up, in our quick-guide to the best toys for grown-ups on the market at the moment, is the Seabob. This self-proclaimed ‘high-end electric underwater scooter’ does essentially just what it says on the tin, but in this case, you don’t have to stick to the roads!

Made in Germany, and demonstrating that German efficiency and power we all know and love, this slick under-water sidekick will take you from 0-15km in no time, gliding through the water, whether you’re above or below sea-level. Just imagine taking this mode of transport from ship to those Caribbean shores, passing a world of marine life as you do.

H20Ninja Mask
Second on our list and with a nod to the old-skool sport of snorkelling, is the H20 Ninja. Less turbocharged than the Seabob but with a petulant eye for detail, the full-faced and futuristic snorkel mask is must-have gadget for anyone wishing to explore the underwater-world effortlessly.

No more holding your Go-Pro to take photos of those coral conurbations, this mask has a gadget for that. Oh and the best part, you can breathe easy with a full facial mount!

Third and finally in this all-adrenaline line-up is the Subwing which is the one to watch for any competitive soul. Boasting a whole new sport dedicated to its art, the Subwing lets you link to your tender and fly through the water with the control and speed of a dolphin... or maybe a little faster for the braver few.

The Subwing finally gives humans the ability to fly, even if it’s through an ocean sound rather than through the sky.

So whether it’s a floating fortress or a super-snorkel, these gadgets are must-haves to ensure you don’t spend your trip de-steaming those ancient goggles and searching for an afternoon activity! Just make sure you don’t fight over whose turn is next with the children.

By Rose-Hannah Lishman