Visits the Ferrari Tailor-Made Facility in Maranello

By Paul Joseph

Ferrari has a long tradition of allowing its clients to personalise their cars, dating back to the 1950s. The opportunity to stamp your own creative mark on a cherished automobile has long since enthralled fans of the iconic Italian marquee, and indeed car enthusiasts of every persuasion.

Whilst personalised cars were once commonplace, in recent decades it has become a more niche and exclusive service. But aware that the appetite remains, Ferrari responded by creating a specialised department dedicated to allowing customers to play a part in designing their dream car.

Based at the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy the Tailor-Made programme invites clients to impart their wishes and aspirations whilst being guided by one of Ferrari’s experienced personal designers. Customers can specify every last detail of their car, from the exterior livery colour to the cabin trim, plus a wide range of finishes, accessories, materials and treatments.

It is an exciting proposition and when Ferrari invited to come and experience the programme for ourselves, we jumped at the chance.

Shari Liu,’s luxury director, made the trip to Maranello in September tasked with creating a design aesthetic for her own customised Ferrari FF (to be created in rendering form only). Ferrari’s first ever production four-wheel drive model, the FF has proved highly popular since launching in 2011. Could Shari improve on an already winning formula?

The first port of call was the Ferrari Classiche offices and workshop, which provides restoration and maintenance services and technical assistance to owners of classic Ferraris. During an extensive look around, Shari was offered a fascinating insight into the inner workings of the factory as well as offering inspiration for her stint at the Tailor-Made programme.

Next up, Shari was shown the Ferrari Atelier, home to the car configurator without which Ferrari’s entire customisation programme would not be possible. She was then taken to the Ferrari assembly line, where parts are added to the cars to create the finished products. To witness cars in such an embryonic state, still having their infrastructure completed, was a valuable experience, and a stark reminder of the incredible technology that goes into creating these machines.

For Shari, however, her starring role was about to begin. Taken to the Tailor-Made area, she was seated alongside the design team for a creative brainstorming session that it was hoped would result in something beautiful. Ideas were exchanged, sketches were made, before finally a consensus was reached. So what was the outcome?

Boasting a striking navy exterior, Shari’s customized Ferrari FF features a Teak Dash and Teak Trunk/Boot. On the interior, cappuccino suede and Gray Loro Piana Cashmere appear throughout, whilst cork and burlap maps provide another distinctive look. Everyone present agreed it was a resounding success.

As for the experience as a whole, there is no doubt that it adds a whole new dimension to the process of acquiring a luxury car. For anyone considering buying a Ferrari, we would heartily recommend the Tailor-Made programme as a way to immerse yourself in the creative process and give you an extra glow of satisfaction every time you catch sight of it on your driveaway.

For more information about Ferrari’s Tailor-Made programme, click here.

By Paul Joseph