's Most Read Luxury Stories of the Year 2020

By Christina Tsangaris

When it comes to's most read luxury stories of the year, there was plenty to choose from. Whether it was our exclusive interview with private jet company founder Ikenna Ordor or Bentley's community support during COVID-19, the luxury industry united to continue offering a safe, sumptuous space for travellers, in times of adversity.

The Great British Bucket List

In a time where our British readers were staying home, there seemed no where better than the hilltops and cityscapes of Britain to enjoy a staycation. These luxury hotel hideouts offer ed an idyllic escape that encapsulate British summer at its best, and for many of these ultra-luxurious hot-spots, these were finally back-in-business after eager anticipation from its guests. It was great to see so many supporting local luxury businesses at a time in which they needed it most. 

Q&A Starr Luxury Jets: Experiential Luxury During COVID-19

Starr Luxury Jets, founded by Ikenna Ordor joined us to discuss his exciting division of the Starr Luxury Travel group. Its focus is on luxury travel options on land, air, and sea and prides itself on experiential, undisturbed luxury. We heard from the founder, Ikenna Ordor himself on his luxury empire that has flourished during COVID-19, offering a bespoke way of travel with a tailored twist.  Knowing privacy and seclusion can also mean unparalelled safety, it's no surprised this was one of the most read stories of the year. 

A Rainbow of Bentleys as Community Support Continues

Luxury British car company Bentley has defined two versions of the symbol of hope during the Covid-19 crisis – the rainbow – through seven of its own vibrant paint colours available as part of Bentley spectrum, and a unique Bentley Mulliner Bacalar, the brand showed its support as a beacon of hope during uncertain and unprecedented times. It was great to see the luxury sector step up to drive their company objectives with empathy and compassion, making it on our most read stories of the year list with no surprise. 

World’s Most Iconic Art Museums to Offer Virtual Viewings

There seems no end to the creative thinking that brands, organisations and individuals have displayed since the start of the global Coronavirus pandemic – and that trend shows no sign of abating. Seeing the most iconic art museums of the world rethink their business strategy during the pandemic was great to see. Not only this, it proved so much of our experiences can be done successfully online too. 

Unlocking Potential & Creativity: SKIN London Launch 2021

As we came out of lockdown, having stared at the walls of our homes for what seems like an eternity, our environments have now taken on a new level of importance. The start of 2021 will see a Chicago-based design and lifestyle brand SKIN launch in London, which creates spaces with an emotional impact. SKIN recognises that each client’s needs are different, but the end result is always a renewed sense of self in their new space. 

By Christina Tsangaris