Survey Reveals World’s Most Expensive Countries to Live

By Paul Joseph

A new survey by CEOWORLD, the influential global business magazine, has revealed their annual assessment of the world’s most expensive countries to live.

According to the survey, Switzerland came out as the priciest destination to reside, followed by Norway and Iceland to complete the podium finish.

To produce the results, the survey used a wide number of metrics including the price of groceries, utility bills, rent, and transportation.

The data was then compared against the benchmark for the most expensive places – New York, giving the metropolitan an index score of 100.

Countries that scored above 100 were considered “more expensive” than New York City while scoring below was considered “cheaper.”

Switzerland emerged in first place with a 122.4 cost-of-living index, followed by nine other European countries, making this continent the most dominant.

Only one North American country, the United States, made into the top twenty, along with five countries from Asia, two from the Caribbean, two from Oceania and one from Africa.

Below is the full list of the 30 most expensive countries.

1. Switzerland
2. Norway
3. Iceland
4. Japan
5. Denmark
6. Bahamas
7. Luxembourg
8. Israel
9. Singapore
10. South Korea
11. Hong Kong
12. Barbados
13. Ireland
14. France
15. Netherlands
16. Australia
17. New Zealand
18. Belgium
19. Seychelles
20. United States
21. Austria
22. Finland
23. Sweden
24. Canada
25. Puerto Rico
26. Malta
27. United Kingdom
28. Italy
29. Germany
30. Macao

By Paul Joseph