Swarovski Launch Cinderella Collection

By Paul Joseph

World renowned crystal makers Swarovski have created a striking new collection themed around the classic Disney fairy tale Cinderella.

Launched to coincide with this year’s release of the Disney live action adaptation of Cinderella, the capsule collection comprise a range of women’s jewellery, accessories and figurines which pay tribute to the story’s eponymous Princess.

Swarovski partnered with the Academy Award winning costume designer Sandy Powell, a long-time Swarovski collaborator, to design the collection, which includes a sparkling crystal Cinderella figurine as well as two versions of Cinderella’s iconic slipper: a collector’s limited edition and a smaller version – both fully faceted and featuring a silver butterfly accent.

Other notable features of the collection include crystal pave and stackable pieces, as well as motifs inspired by nature such as flowers and butterflies in delicate crystal shades.

“For me, Swarovski crystals are a key creative ingredient to add light, depth and color and to my costumes,” said Sandy Powell.

“‘Cinderella’ is perhaps the ultimate romantic fairy tale, and working with Swarovski has added a new level of enchantment, illuminating the characters and bringing them to life in a magical way.”

Swarovski was founded in Austria in 1895.

By Paul Joseph