Swiss Hotel Group Launches Quarantine Package Complete with Virus Test

By Paul Joseph

Some may consider it capitalising on a global emergency, while others may argue that it’s a service that many will find desirable.

Whatever your view, few would be surprised if the exclusive ‘Covid-19’ quarantine package by luxury Swiss hotel group Le Bijou Hotel & Resort prove to be a big hit with those with deep pockets and who are struggling to get tested through the conventional routes.

The package includes a luxury stay with meal delivery and medical services, including virus tests. Guests are able to auto check-in and check-out with minimal interaction with hotel staff and even avail in-room medical services provided on-call by Double Check, a private Swiss health clinic.

Speaking about the package, Alexander Hübner, CEO and co-founder of Le Bijou, said: “At the beginning of March, revenues had dropped significantly. We said, okay, we need to react immediately to that.

“In the beginning, we just had about two enquires per day. Now its ramped up to four, five, six a day, and we just started, I think, one week, 10 days ago.”

The package is available in Le Bijou’s Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lucerne, Zug, and Zurich hotels and as well as virus testing includes twice-daily nurse check-in and round-the-clock nurse care.

By Paul Joseph