TAG Heuer Create Self-Charging Smart Phone

By Paul Joseph

Tag Heuer have made their latest effort to infiltrate the luxury phone market by creating an innovative new limited edition mobile handset said to offer perpetual power reserve.

Limited to just 1,911 units, the Meridiist Infinite smartphone harnesses Wysips technology – designed by France's SunPartner Group – which converts light into electricity to keep the phone permanently charged.

A transparent solar panel projects a clear photovoltaic cell between the glass and LCD elements of the phone’s display, leading to a trickle-charging effect as soon as the sapphire crystal screen is exposed to natural – or some artificial – light.

"A hybrid charging capacity allows automatic charging under certain natural or artificial light sources, even when the battery is empty," according to the official Tag Heuer website.

The phone also comes with an additional display panel at top, showing extra information, as well as 8GB inbuilt storage, a 5-megapixel camera and as an unlocked GSM device.

The Meridiist Infinite smartphone will be available from July with an expected retail price of around $5,000.

TAG Heuer was founded in St-Imier, Switzerland in 1860.

By Paul Joseph