Tag Heuer Launch Special Edition Golf Connected Smartwatch

By Paul Joseph

Golf fans can now adorn their wrist with the ultimate combination of a fashion accessory and a practical tool to enhance their game.

Created by Swiss horological experts TAG Heuer, the special edition smart watch is part of the brand’s line of Connected Modular smart timepieces and is packed full of useful features for golfers.

It runs like every other Connected Modular, but the difference is a special golf app that comes pre-installed on the device.

Containing 3D renderings of over 39,000 golf courses across the world, the app uses built-in GPS to help golfers track their shots, the distance to the green, and point out any hazards such as bunkers, water and trees.

It will even assist you in choosing the correct club, as well as update your scorecard via the watch while you play. When you’ve finished, you’ll be given a useful list of statistics to help you analyse your performance.

The app can be downloaded on any pre-existing Connected Modular smartwatch, though this latest version has a different look and has ‘Golf Edition’ displayed on the watch bezel.

The Connected Modular special edition is available priced at $1,850.

By Paul Joseph