Talenti Presents Its New Headquarters: The Temple of Outdoor Design

By Christina Tsangaris

Stemming from the regeneration of the historical former Federici pasta factory, the new headquarters embody the brand’s philosophy over a surface area of 80 thousand square meters with its offices, warehouses and showroom, all linked by the same concept: the love for beauty and for the best Italian design.

The lines and shapes of design can instantly evoke the spirit of a brand, capturing its essence and crystallising it into new exterior shapes capable of exciting any observer. This is the path chosen by the Talenti brand in creating its new Headquarters in Amelia, in the heart of the Umbria region in Italy, thanks to the avant-garde architectural project that has totally regenerated and brought to new life the former Federici pasta factory, an Italian enterprise globally renowned since the early 2000s. The final result is an innovative and ultra-modern building that translates Talenti’s mission into architecture through the use of materials especially dear to the company, such as wood, metal and marble.

The new HQ are not just a new venue – Fabrizio Cameli, the Talenti CEO and founder explains – but also the intention to launch a message to the world of design showing that extraordinary results can be obtained through passion and commitment.

A futuristic project

The project has been assigned to the Architect Filippo Cagnotto of the Progetto Reb firm, who was asked to use the languages of architecture to express the company’s values. The new Headquarters cover a surface area of 80,000 m2 overall, 20,000 of which are indoor and include the logistics area, the offices and an exclusive 2,000 m2 showroom. Behind the project’s design is the will to address the entire area of intervention by following both internal and external paths featuring a strong presence of vegetation enclosed in well-defined architectural lines. Purity of design, lightness, minimalistic style: the challenge was to first strip and then adorn with a new contemporary skin a building originally having a strongly industrial character.

Style and tailored substantiality

The result went way beyond the highest expectations. The spaces of the former Federici pasta factory have been adapted to contemporaneity, to the new ways of producing, not just by working merely on its appearance but also by stimulating the wellness of the employees using a human-oriented approach based mainly on the person.

In the final result, the key principles of the Talenti philosophy are visible even to the naked eye. The sobriety, elegance and refinedness of the company’s outdoor products, traits common to all of its collections, insistently return in the regular and essential lines of the Headquarters, in the extreme refinement with which each of the details are cared for, as well as in the vastness of the spaces that immediately evokes the airy comfortableness of Talenti living furniture.

New concepts for offices and warehouses

In the new Headquarters, the trade offices and those reserved for import/export are separated by elegant metal bookshelves that transmit a feeling of fluidity, favouring the interconnection between the various divisions. This area, in fact, resembles a modern open-space capable of stimulating the exchange of ideas among the company’s staff members. The administration and executive offices are hidden by sliding panels made entirely of wood, the sequence of which is outlined by a wooden lamellar ceiling lit by a refined system of filiform light fixtures. In the warehouse, the product storage area has been expanded and, to ensure even higher quality control, an area for assembly and another for goods control have been created. The warehouse area, overall, has been reorganized according to the principles of streamlined and modern logistics, also with the addition of a quick pick-up area and various loading docks, thus increasing the company’s output capacity.

An experiential showroom

A defining element and the driving force of the new Talenti ‘home’, the stunning 2000 m2 showroom also designed by Filippo Cagnotto, offers visitors an original brand experience through a full immersion into the Talenti universe. As they walk through the showroom and the seamless succession of the various collections, visitors will experience up close Talenti’s dynamism, design-oriented approach and originality in design, as well as the comfort and very high quality of each product. The various areas of the showroom are dominated by the presence of natural light that pours in freely through the large and strategically arranged glass panes, as well as by the presence of the luxurious plants growing both inside – in the main access corridor and throughout the showroom - and outside.

A sophisticated setting that showcases how all of the elements of an increasingly expanding range, that has taken shape over the years, can live together and harmoniously dialogue one with the other when names such as Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, Ramon Esteve, Marco Acerbis, Cristian Visentin, Nicola De Pellegrini and the new entry, Jean Philippe Nuel, are brought in.

By Christina Tsangaris