Tanzania Resort Creates Underwater Bedroom

By Paul Joseph

A luxury resort situated off the coast of Tanzania has added a new aquatic dimension by creating an underwater bedroom.

Found at The Manta Resort on Pemba Island, the unique room is housed within a lavish apartment complex and was designed by Swedish company Genberg Underwater Hotels.

Located about 250 meters offshore, the apartment is spread over three stories, with a rooftop deck, a bathroom and a lounge area at sea level and finally the underwater bedroom downstairs.

At night, spotlights under the bedroom windows attract and illuminate an array of aquatic wildlife, including squid and octopus, allowing guests to view them from the comfort of their bed.

The Manta Resort is popular with divers thanks to the coral reef around the island.

Rates for the resort’s Underwater Room begin at $1500 per night for a two-person stay, or $900 per night for singles.

By Paul Joseph