Tesla Opens Ground-Breaking Showroom in Los Angeles

By Paul Joseph

California-based electric car makers Tesla have opened an innovative new showroom in Los Angeles.

The 400-square-foot space is located in the men's department on the first floor of the Nordstrom store, marking the first time Tesla has collaborated with a department store to showcase its offerings.

While the showroom doesn't sell vehicles, interested buyers can look at different interiors and trim options, as well as test drive the car with a Tesla employee.

"Tesla and Nordstrom share a relentless drive to engage and delight customers with new and innovative shopping experiences," the car makers said in a statement.

"The Nordstrom shopper embodies a lifestyle that parallels that of many Tesla owners –- people who are forward-thinking, savvy, and curious to explore the latest and best trends.”

The showroom is expected to open through the end of the year, and could potentially stay open for longer depending on customer response.

Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 by business magnate, investor and inventor Elon Musk. Late last year the company confirmed that its latest creation, the Model 3, will start production in 2017.

By Paul Joseph