TF Est. 1968 Create Cufflinks with Flying Tourbillons

By Paul Joseph

Swiss luxury accessories makers TF Est. 1968 have created a new series of cufflinks complete with flying tourbillons inside them.

Set to hit the market this summer, the strikingly designed cufflinks are part of a limited edition range called Open Side Cufflinks.

They feature transparent bodies allowing the wearer to peer through to the watchmaking movement within.

The edition is available in a choice of three colour combinations: steel against black, rose gold-plated against black and chocolate brown against vanilla.

The tourbillon, which is housed in a steel cage, is powered by the movements of the wearer’s wrist and is encased beneath a sapphire-treated crystal for added resistance.

Only 1968 sets of each coloured cufflinks will be produced.

Founded in Switzerland in 1968, TF Est 1968 has grown dramatically in recent years and now has a presence in more than 500 retail outlets around the world.

By Paul Joseph