The 2014 Aquatimer Collection by IWC

By Paul Joseph

Swiss watch makers IWC have created a new collection of luxury timepieces, including the use of bronze for the first time in the manufacturer’s history.

The 2014 Aquatimer collection comes with sophisticated technical features including in-house calibres and a patented IWC bracelet quick-change system.

Georges Kern, CEO of IWC, said: “The Aquatimer is a distinctively masculine, dynamic and professional sports watch line, with a tradition dating back to 1967.

“The influence of legendary design elements and colours of the Aquatimer heritage is unmistakable. The design of the new generation, however, is more purist than that of its predecessors.

“It makes a powerful overall impression, effectively accentuated by the new, innovative rotating bezel,the hallmark of the IWC Aquatimer watches.”

Amongst the collection is the Aquatimer Chronograph Edition ‘Charles Darwin Expedition’ in bronze – a first for IWC.

Another highlight is the Aquatimer Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month in gold – the first time IWC has introduced a complication into it Aquatimer collection and at 49mm, the second largest dial IWC has ever created.

Talking about the design of the new collection, Christian Knoop, Creative Director at IWC, said: “The choice of less vivid colours and the functional design of the dial reference the first Aquatimer released in 1967.

“By contrast, we took our inspiration for the gently rounded and recessed grips on the external bezels from the legendary Porsche design of the Ocean 2000 of 1982. The new rotating bezel mechanism gives the current Aquatimer collection overall a more sophisticated look and feel, despite the addition of a protective cover for the sliding clutch system on the left-hand side of the case.

“The polished and satin-finished surfaces likewise enhance the high-quality appearance of the watches. Apart from this, I’m personally delighted that by using bronze we’ve managed to integrate a very attractive and living material into IWC’s repertoire of case materials.”

Founded in 1868, IWC has grown to become one of the world’s most famous and highly regarded watchmaking companies.

By Paul Joseph