The AeroSystem One Crystal Docking Station from Lalique

By Paul Joseph

French music composer Jean Michael Jarre has teamed up for a second time with design house Lalique to create a limited edition docking station featuring rare crystal.

Limited to 999 pieces, the stainless steel AeroSystem One docking station has been designed for cutting-edge lifestyle and home-entertainment experts Jarre Technologiesboasts

It contains two speakers of 30 Watts RMS each, a subwoofer of 60Watt RMS, and a 120Watt RMS amplifier system. On top of the station is the iPod and iPhone docking station.

But perhaps the device’s most impressive feature is the engraving of an art deco-style female face on its lower end unit, made with a rare variety of crystal and taking the efforts of 13 craftsmen to engrave.

The creation of the AeroSystem One is the second time Jean Michael Jarre and Lalique have collaborated to design a unique docking station. Previously the two parties combined to create the giant-sized 133 inch AeroDream One.

The versions of the new AeroSystem One featuring crystal are priced at €12,000 (£10,000), whilst the standard versions cost €899 (£751).

By Paul Joseph