The ‘Day Night’ Women’s Timepiece by Blancpain

By Paul Joseph

Swiss watch brand Blancpain has launched a striking new women’s timepiece called the Day Night.

The latest addition to Blancpain’s women’s collection, the 40mm Day Night is based upon the caliber 1150, but with a movement that is lager in diameter.

A winding rotor is decoratively engraved and polished and has been enlarged to enhance the view of the complex movement through the watch’s sapphire case back.

Other notable features include a dial fashioned entirely in mother of pearl and divided into three parts on four levels, a bezel set with two spiral shaped rows of 140 diamonds around its exterior and a white ostrich strap.

Numerous artistic techniques were used in the watch’s creation, including la décalque (depositing material), le champlevé (contour forms in relief) and le marquetage (integration of superimposed motifs in mother of pearl).

Blancpain was founded by Jehan-Jaques Blancpain in Switzerland in 1735.

By Paul Joseph